Our Team

Bradley Mullen
Product Manager Fellowship: Mayo Hospital, Phoenix, AZ. Residency: St. Josehp's Hospital, Phoenix, AZ. M.D. and B.S.: University of Iowa
Trevor Astoria
G.M. North America Former Sales Consultant, Depuy Synthes Spine. Former Sales Consultant, KAND Medical. B.S. Finance, Arizona State
Carolina Oliveira
Care Provider Success Manager Bacheral Em Direito, Faculdade Farias Brito. Former Manager Acedmia Espaco Fitness Beberibe Ltda.
Michael Grosser
Chief Technical Officer Platform Engineer, Zendesk. Former Founder, Ourbucketlist. Media Informatics, Technische Fachhochschule Berlin
Geraldo Silva
G.M. Brazil Former Specialist Sales Galderma and Roche. Founder Bevie Medical Devices. MBA, Universidade São Paulo

Our Story

Mnemo was originally conceived while two of our founders were working together at a prominent tech company in San Francisco. Our jobs involved monitoring the health of computer systems underlying the company’s technology. This generated prolific amounts of data. When a server had a problem, it was common to pull up all manner of charts and graphs in order to troubleshoot. We leaned on our data heavily. Doing our job without it would have been unthinkable.

Maybe it was the proliferation of Fitbits™ around the office. Maybe it was the Valley’s bio-hacking culture. Or maybe we were getting worried about all our gratis office snacking, but we were led to an epiphany of sorts: what if the same could be done for biological hardware? Specifically, the human body? We began to think that remote monitoring in people could be done as effectively as with computer systems and was the next big step in healthcare.

A natural initial target was one of increasing scourges of the early 21st century – Type II diabetes. As the prevalence of obesity, poor diet, and sedentary lifestyle has increased, so has the incidence and healthcare costs of Type II diabetes; now estimated in the hundreds of billions of dollars per year for just the US.

Mnemo was thus developed to help doctors and care providers monitor ongoing patient data such as blood glucose levels. In addition, the app offers a way of incentivizing patients to use the program (unlike computers which must rigidly adhere to any directions they are sent, patients sometimes only do things if there is something in it for them).

Mnemo is a digital care coordination platform centered on remote data collection, analysis and targeted action. It is a powerful solution for patients and care systems to help combat some of our most widespread healthcare problems.

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