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Mnemo Sales Rep

Quick Reference.




Thank you for your interest in Mnemo.  This reference outlines how to become a sales rep for Mnemo.  It explains how to sign up, onboard your first care provider, view the commissions you have earned and more..





Welcome to Mnemo! As as Sales Rep, you’ll want to be prepared to guide your care

providers and answer any questions that arise. This quick reference can help.

In order to fully register to be a Mnemo Sales rep, there are a few steps to follow.



Step 1: Sign the Commission Sales and Procurement Agreement.


Reps need to agree to our Commission Sales and Procurement terms before representing

our service. This Agreement is available upon request.



Step 2: Sign up your first Care Provider.


We’ll need you to introduce at least one Care Provider to Mnemo before you can register

for our Rep Portal. Have your care provider visit and

register.  The provider will need to supply an email and password to create an account.



Step 3: Register for our Rep Portal.


The Rep Portal is where you can see all of your affiliated Care Providers, tally up earned

commissions and request payments. But you’ll need a Care Provider email to register.

Once you have introduced at least one Provider to Mnemo, be sure to note down their

email address. Then head to and fill out the following form:




That should do it. Note that we will confirm each sales affiliation.



What reimbursement is your care Provider eligible for?


If a Care Provider spends 20 minutes viewing data that was collected remotely for a

Medicare patient (while the patient is not in the office), they may bill for CPT code 99091.

This code pays out approximately $55.00 per patient/month. However this amount can

vary regionally.  These details can be found in the CMS Physicial Fee Schedule located




How do I get my commission payment?


While  We can send you a check by mail any time.  Simply log in to the sales rep portal and find the Request Commission Payment button, which is at the bottom of the right panel:



Getting in Touch.


We are always available by email at  Don’t hesitate to reach out!