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Mnemo Care Provider

Quick Reference.




Thank you for using Mnemo.  This reference is here to provide answers to basic questions about using our service.  It explains how to sign up, how to onboard your first patients, find their data records, identify remote-patient month records, and more.





Getting Started

The first step when getting started with Mnemo is to create an account with us.  Head over to and you’ll see thee following form:


All that is needed is an email and password.  This is the contact that will be used for billing and product related messages.


How it Works


Mnemo is offered to patients in the clinic.  A unique token is sent to the patient via text message, then they download the app (iOS or Android) and they’re ready to go.  To send this invitation to the patient, you or someone in your org must send it from within the Care Provider portal.

To do this, look for the following navigation link on the top nav bar (upper-right):


It will present you with a form.  You’ll need a phone number and, optionally, an “MRN” (medical record number).  This is the record number / identifier that is used for the patient in your current electronic record system.  There is also a box to check if the patient is a Medicare patient.




Viewing Patients    


The following shows an example Care Provider home view, which is found at


Each patient listing displays the patient’s MRN (if present), invitation token and phone number.  The “gauge” numbers below indicate the patient’s reported mean blood glucose and the number of data submissions reported.  Finally, a “quick glance” meter indicates how the patient’s glycemic status compares to others in your population.




Adding Clinicians and Invoicers

To add other clinicians, Doctors or “invoicers” to your portal, find the sprocket icon on the left nav panel and click it.  This will take you to your settings page.  Look for the section shown below:



This form will add a new clinician (Doctor or nurse) to your Mnemo portal.  They will receive an invitation to join  (and set up a password) at the email address provided.  Check the Invoicer box if this person is responsible for billing (see below).



Reviewing Remote Data Months


Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) allow physicians to be reimbursed via CPT 99091 if at least 20 minutes is spent reviewing remotely collected diabetic patient data while the patient is not in the office.  Using Mnemo allows a physician to be eligible for this.  In the Home View of the Care Provider Portal there is a section on the right titled “Remote Data Months”.  A Remote Data Month is a summary of a given patient’s glycemic status which is automatically created each month.  You will be notified by email when it is available for review.  






The summary is presented in PDF format and can be downloaded.  Once it has been reviewed, clicking Mark Reviewed  (shown above) will automatically notify a billing person so they may proceed with billing CMS (this is the purpose of designating certain accounts as Invoicers, see above).



Marking a Remote Patient Month as Billed


An Invoicer (see above) will be notified by email when a Remote Patient Month has been marked as reviewed.  This signals to the Invoicer that its time to bill CMS.  Mnemo does not offer a means of billing – this should be done using your existing billing tools.  Mnemo will, however, help track what gets billed.  To mark a Remote Patient Month as billed, the Invoicer should simply click “Mark as Invoiced”  in the RPM months panel.














Subscribing to Mnemo


We bill on a per patient/month basis, on the first day of each month.  The first days leading up to the start of the billing cycle of free for any new patient (this means that if a patient joined on, say, March10 – the bill for this patient would not be charged until May 1.  Payment would be due for April, but no charge for March).  Mnemo accepts payment via payment cards (Visa, Mastercard, Disvocer and American Express).  The following panel under Settings can be used to subscribe:


If it is not possible pay with a payment card, please let us know and we can arrange an alternate means of payment.